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We need more sales…give them a reward!

How many organizations across the world make this comment, or certainly something very close?  Far too often when performance in an area is not where it is desired or expected to be we begin to “throw darts at the map” in an attempt to figure out how to get it back.  Instead of taking the time to perform a proper performance analysis, as human beings we try to automatically find the fast fix and get the quickest turnaround and results.  Of course in the world of a dynamic business environment, this is hardly surprising.  But what happens when we provide a reward as a way of increasing that performance?  What are the long-term effects?  What are the right ways to utilize rewards?  I recently answered this question at Focus.comand what follows below is what I posted on when, how, and what types of rewards to use.  Enjoy!

This is one of those questions that will inevitably endure through many more years and many more companies.

The truth, as many of the other posts state, is that it really depends on each individuals desires and motivators.  Many times the reason that anyone is questioning a reward system is because performance is poor and there is a desire to increase it and some type of incentive is used to increase the poor performance.  In other cases it becomes just another component of the job, almost an expectation, and therefore it loses the intended effect.  That is until it gets taken away and the sense of entitlement takes over.  These are tough things to think about, but they are the truth.

 One of the first questions before determining what to use as a reward is to determine WHY is there a reward being offered.  That simple initial evaluation can give you a much better guidance.  If it is due to an actual or perceived lack of performance then it doesn’t really matter what the reward is, it will be a short-term gain.  Let’s say for example that you have a perceived performance problem and you give a reward to try to increase the performance.  If the performance increases, then you know that there is something else that is truly driving the non-performance and as soon as you take away the reward it will more than likely go back to the previous state.  If there is a lack of performance due to outside circumstances then a reward won’t really help to make a difference.  Again, something else needs to change.

 So let’s look at the other side of this coin.  Things are going well, and you want a reward system to empower and encourage top-performers.  One thing to keep in mind is that a one-time reward can be great, but the effect of being appreciated on a regular basis is much more rewarding.  This means giving development and growth opportunities, allowing employees to be a part of the organization in more ways than just a simple job description, and let them have a voice.  Why not let the people who will be rewarded come up with the idea of how they want to be rewarded, and how often?  And check back on this at least once a year, because the company environment can and probably will change from year to year.

 I’m pretty sure that I went beyond what you were really asking, so please forgive me, but too often I believe that this question gets passed off without the proper attention that it deserves.