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Failure is necessary for growth.

Sometimes things don’t go the way that we want and we consider that to be a failure.  Right now I’m experiencing this in my own life.  The fortunate thing is that I’m learning some very important lessons and taking it as it comes.  I lost my job in February and decided that I had two choices: sit and wait for one of the jobs that I was applying for to come through, or I could start my own business in the meantime, and see what happens.  I chose the latter.

My wife has been tremendously supportive through everything, and I’m very thankful to have her.  She allowed me to sink in a considerable amount of money over the last 7 months to build my brand, website, advertising, etc.  She has supported me when I was going to networking event, after networking event.  And all of this to say that to date, I have secured exactly zero clients.  I could say that the economy has something to do with it, or any number of other external factors, but ultimately I’m learning quite a few lessons through this experience.  The first thing I’m learning is that breaking in to the consulting business is extremely difficult unless you have about 10+ years of consulting experience, or have worked on multiple contracts/accounts.  I have also learned that no matter how much you know, your age will always be a factor, and will almost certainly intimidate people and alienate you from getting the job.

I believe that I have done many of the things right in starting my business, but I have learned quite a few lessons from this experience.  I believe that in the future there may be more success but at the moment, I have to accept the fact that I must take a step back and try a different approach.

Since we moved back to Maryland, my wife and I have been applying to jobs like crazy and finding very little luck in securing employment.  Needless to say, these are little failures every time you interview and don’t get it, or even apply and don’t hear anything or get an interview.  But you have to learn a lesson each and every time that you go through the process.  One thing I have learned is that your world will not crumble and fall apart when you hear “no”.  A very important lesson in business!  Also, the support of those around you means more than you can ever put a price on.

Thomas Edison said “I have not failed.  I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  This was said in response to the 10,000 attempts at creating the lightbulb that didn’t work.  I’m choosing to look at my situation from the same perspective, as scary, frustrating, and depressing as it can be at times.  By keeping this outlook, I know that success will come and I can hardly wait to embrace it when it does.  So how are you looking at your business and your life?  Are you so scared to find the ways that won’t work that you fail to try?  Are you playing it too safe?  What does your support system look like?  Make sure that you ask yourself these questions every now and again, and perhaps bring your feet back down to solid ground and reality that can help you experience the much-needed growth of small failures on the pathway to great success!

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