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Satisfied employees don’t perform any better?!

Recently as I was reading a discussion taking place in LinkedIn I found a reference to an article on “The Street.com” and decided to follow it.  The reason was because of the statement that was attached.  It was to the effect that this article provided evidence that employee satisfaction did not, in fact, create peformance but that it was rather the other way around: Good Performance = Employee Satisfaction.  As I read the article I found that the message was certainly a bit skewed, and for anyone that knows me, I was obligated to leave a comment on the article.  To date I have not seen any response to my comments, but I was also compelled to clarify a few points in the article and I hope that this can help those of you reading this.

One of the first things that I noticed immediately in the article is that there was a comparison between “Job Satisfaction Surveys” and “Employee Engagement Surveys”.  I believe that this really is one of the most easily confused and twisted concepts.  Employees who are engaged in what they do will be satisfied, and vice versa.  Many people view it as two different concepts, when the truth is that one begets the other.  As I read along further I find that the reason that this comparison is being made is due to certain organizations that have “perks” for their employees that definitely move in to the excessive category.  This was when I began to understand the authors perspective a bit more.

When you talk about making your employees “happy” and “satisfied” that doesn’t mean simply throwing “fun” at them until something works.  You wouldn’t just throw money at a problem, so why do it with frivoloties?  Any time that you have rewards for your employees, make sure that they are tied to organizational objectives and that they have a deliberate purpose.  Otherwise you risk the rewards becoming just an entitlement, and therefore will certainly not be the same driver of satisfaction that they were intended to be. 

The way that I propose engagement to my clients is to involve employees in the business, help them to succeed in their development and growth, ensure that communication is just-in-time to the right people in order to help them successfully perform their job, assist in creating an environment for collaboration…no where do I suggest to throw daily recreational activities at the employees.  In short, make sure that you understand that engagement and satisfaction do in fact go hand-in-hand, but they are not the same thing, and don’t fall in to the same traps that many others do in explaining, understanding, and executing these concepts.

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